Born in Pittsburgh, PA, the child of a medical doctor and an artistic mother, Nancy Perry was attracted to both art and science. She decided to study science in preparation for a career and became a clinical psychologist, earning a Ph.D. and MA degree in psychology, and a B.S. degree in nursing at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Perry became internationally recognized for her work with trauma victims, focusing on Dissociative Disorders which included “Multiple Personality Disorder”.


The recipient of numerous grants and awards for her work, Perry integrated her interest in and knowledge of art to help her patients. This involved art therapy as well as art as a diagnostic tool, using painting, drawing, sand tray, collage, and projective standardized tests such as the Rorschach.


In 2000, Perry experienced a major illness, and felt called to develop her own artistic skills and began to paint. Her desire to express herself artistically stimulated her to obtain formal training in art. She earned an A.A. degree in Fine Arts with high honors in 2011 from the Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, NM. Art soon became a full time endeavor. Perry’s work is visionary and encompasses the communication of interconnectedness of all life as well as various aspects of human beings as energy, both individually and in groups. Her concern with the conflicts being experienced on a global level at this time fuel her belief that there is a deep need for heightened awareness of the fact that we are all “one”.


She believes communication through art will increase awareness of that oneness.
Art & Experiences My background in art began in early childhood when I began to draw in colored chalk on sandpaper. I recall drawing landscapes I had never seen such as far away mountains. My teachers told my parents I had talent, but there seemed never “enough time” to pursue it. I developed and interest in Science and focused on a traditional education which culminated in a Ph.D.


I always loved Art. Over the years, as I traveled to many countries for various reasons, I studied art in France, England, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Denmark, Nepal, Venezuela, Costa Rico, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Peru, China ,Africa, Israel, Cyprus, Australia, Tahiti, New Zealand, India, Scotland, and Thailand. I have always been interested in Esoteric and spiritual aspects of life and part of my travels were to explore them. Art was always part of my private practice of psychology. I used art therapy and sand tray techniques with my patients and found it therapeutic for them as well as informative for me so I could better help them. During the time I developed my practice, I studied with various healers such as Lawrence LeShan, Dolores Kreiger, John of God in Peru, and the The “Magus of Strovolus”. I also completed a three year program at the School of Energy Medicine.


I studied Shamanism and even attended Voodoo Ceremonies to try to understand alternate realities, healings and paranormal events. During these years I both studied and taught hypnosis to medical students and nurses. I had to opportunity to experience paranormal events personally. The aforementioned experiences stimulated my interest in quantum physics and alternative medicine. Ten years ago, after having a near death experience, one of my close friends, Fran Larsen , a nationally known artist, told me she would like to teach me to paint. I agreed and she gave me some paints and paper, saying...“make something”. I began to paint energy and some figures I later discovered, represented people. As I progressed, I became aware that I wanted to paint many things, but the most important to me were people as “energy” which illustrated the interconnectedness between all people everywhere. I had learned that Quantum Physics views matter as particles of energy able to affect other groupings of matter at both close and sometimes long distances.


Human beings are considered as “loosely” organized energy particles connected inter dimensionally to all other human beings. In essence, all human beings together are all “one”. The impact of Quantum Physics challenges many of our established theories and may validate many unexplained events as well as establish a scientific basis for spirituality. This includes the pantheistic view of the “oneness” of all human life which includes relationships to plants, animals and the planet. One of the theory’s concepts is that human beings only “look” like solid matter. (We are really comprised of particles of energy with space in between.)


After developing these understandings, I decided to go to school to develop my skills further. I spent 3 years at the Santa Fe Community College, Studied with Nancy Reynor, Alex Gray and Alex Powers, I also studied at the College of Santa Fe, Was in a juried Art show at the Community College, Exhibited my work at the College of Santa Fe, The Aldea Art Show, and the First National Bank on the Santa Fe Plaza. My personal experiences of work with energy fields, analysis of research, travel to other cultures, meeting with witch doctors, attending voodoo ceremonies, studying the Jewish and Christian religions, as well as Buddhist and Sufi practices stimulated my work in my recent series of paintings and is congruent with that of Quantum physics theories. My paintings in this series are Visionary and expressive describing the vision of human beings appearing as energy as well as interacting.


Plans for future series include those of different interactions both one on one and in groups as well as our relationships to each other and all life on this planet, our “Oneness”.